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This pressure was no longer designed through individuals. seriously, I believe that Skywalker OG weed was made in some form of megastar Wars universe and brought right all the way down to Earth by way of benevolent beings which could assist health-related cannabis people :)) In my stumble upon, it had been excellent at relieving depression and tension, but identifying your limits is vital. quite strong weed, nevertheless, now not for beginners!

i was strolling on air through house in gradual motion caricature (like Jessica rabbit ). I felt so super, no body weight to my body…had the top shower revel in…i used to be in a area time journey. two hours in to the knowledge I required it to halt, I started out feeling like i used to be in a roller coaster I had to lay down on the residing counch. My roommate pronounced she woke me up at 10pm and informed to head my region, I defined “i’m capable of fall asleep now I want to remove all my power; and i used to be curled up similar to a toddler. Skywalker kush tends to make the best oil hands down.

effects: energetic, extra recognition, creativeness. regardless of eye haze the mental factor out is pretty obvious supplying heightened clarity building for a super daylight hours or get the process accomplished time smoke.


Excessive is mild and interesting, incredible for an night of unwinding. i’d advocate now not using tobacco it throughout the day because it constructed me distinctly fatigued and as the on-line states, lazy.

if you are doing all the labor and appearance after the pressure, this strain will shower you with the abundant degree of buds at time of harvesting.

indoors, Skywalker OG might be organized for harvest in nine to ten months. Skywalker OG grown interior is probably expected to generate approximately sixteen ounces for each meter squared. this is relatively decrease in evaluation to the generate it can supply outdoor, although the great THC level may make indoor escalating though financially worthwhile.

Skywalker OG may be a natural painkiller. it’s miles beneficial in relieving pain – typically again and joint struggling and additionally muscle tissues spasms. girls present process belly pains (cramps) may also perhaps use this stress for fast discount.

Very like the become aware of implies, Skywalker OG is clearly a pressure of hashish that need to take you to another galaxy. This indicia-dominant hybrid delivers a super mellow widespread like loads of the plenty more common on line to be had.


Rapidly being harvested wanting ahead to fashion and exhilaration critique. will do this whilst completely geared up. Many thanks you do have a extremely good agency plus your seed are the first-rate I’ve seen Tons less content material

If you decide to apply herbal soil, first-class-gown it with worm castings at the same time as you pressure your vegetation into flowering. Skywalker plants are average eaters and prosper in the event the humidity is stored on the reduced aspect of not unusual.

Caution within the Edibles, i designed cookies & 1 near pal had to lay down and one referred to as Ambulance use caution all people

Like its namesake, it’ll offer powerful kush attributes and depart you feeling inclusive of your inside the clouds for hrs.


Skywalker OG buds are famend for relaxation and couchlock. This tends to ease psychomotor agitation in numerous ailments, which include anxiety, despair, long-time period strain, and musculoskeletal ache. it’s going to sooner or later even have the powerful consequences of improving starvation and inducing snooze.

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