Payment Option

We recognize the Following portion techniques:


Visa Card, Master Card, American Express and Wire Transfer (Western Union, Money Gram, Ria

We don’t allow direct bank trade, or PayPal in light of the fact that a kind of our business is requested as “High Risk” business (Online pharmaceutical/Cannabis business is delegated a high-peril business). Along these lines, PayPal or Direct Bank Wires don’t give their organizations to high-risk business nor do any outcast seller providers. This is the reason Wire Money Transfer (WesternUnion, and MoneyGram) suits best for high-risk associations like our own.

At any rate in any case you can use your charge card to pay for your solicitation on weed4allpurpose with no peril. If you are not successfully aware of this and considering that in what capacity may you pay with your accuse card of no peril, you can see solitary nuances in Western Union and Money Gram tabs underneath. You will use Western Union or Money Gram to pay with your Visa securely. Counting pariah makes it secure for you as not medicate store or Cannabis related receipt or enunciation going to send to your record.

Western Union (money in minutes) is favorable, ensured and snappy help of pay money from any country to any country on the planet (World Wide). There are 3 distinct approaches to pay through Western Union recorded underneath with nuances.

It would be perfect, in the event that you please Note the followings:

1-We recommend you to use Western Union Money in Minutes organization.

2-Using your Visa may

Sent money through from western affiliation branch

Find your adjacent Western Union office and round out the crucial structures. You can send money from a branch in a couple of various ways: by methods for cash, with a credit or check card, or from record to monetary equalization. Using your Visa may result in a credit cost constrained by the card benefactor.

Sent money through the western affiliation site using your Visa

Snap the Send Money interface on the Western Union presentation page. Select Send Online. Round out the structure, and pick how you have to pay. You can either send the money with a credit or accuse card or of your budgetary equalization. The recipient can either get cash at a Western Union branch or have the money kept into a monetary parity. (Snap here to send money online through Western Union website by using your credit or plastic right now)

Sent money over your telephone (utilizing your platinum card)

Call the Western Union sans toll number +1 209-920-7518 which can in like manner be found on the site. Give the pro the significant recipient information, and pay with a credit or check card.

Snap here to send money by phone quickly right now by Western Union Call Cash

When you have traded the money to nuances which you got in your solicitation attestation email, if its all the same to you send us Western Union after number or MTCN on Contact us page, or on our contact email address:


MoneyGram is another money trade association like Western Union. MoneyGram is additionally useful, protected and speedy as western affiliation anyway the notwithstanding motivation behind MoneyGram is that its charge isn’t actually Western Union. There are 2 unique approaches to pay through Money Gram recorded underneath with nuances.

(You should Note: 1-Using your charge card may result in a credit cost constrained by the card underwriter.)

Sent money from a money gram branch:

Find your neighborhood MoneyGram office and deal with out the money demand structure. You can send money from a branch in these ways: by methods for cash, with a recognize or for a check card. Using your Mastercard may result in an advance cost constrained by the card issuer.(Click here to find a MoneyGram territory online right now)sent money using the western using site Once you have traded the money to nuances which you got in your solicitation attestation email or on checkout page, if its all the same to you send us MoneyGram following number (Code) on Contact us page, or on our contact email  :

Bitcoin is a CryptoCurrency (Digital Currency):

It is an open source shared portion system. Bitcoin is most protected, secure and obscure portion strategy. If you don’t consider Bitcoins, you should click here to scrutinize in nuances.

When you have presented a solicitation and pick Bitcoins as portion system, you will see all of the nuances on checkout page (demand got page). You should note down two things, starting one is Amount (BTC): it is total entirety of your solicitation in bitcoins money that is therefore changed over from USD to BTC and second thing is Bitcoins Address (Wallet): it is our area where you have to trade total whole of your solicitation. These two things are required to trade bitcoins to us to favor your solicitation. You will get all of these nuances on your email likewise as solicitation assertion email from Medical Marijuana Bud Shop. (Check your spam/waste envelope if you didn’t get any solicitation confirmation email in your inbox). While trading the bitcoins, if it’s not all that much inconvenience see your solicitation reference number in subject of trade. When we got bitcoins from you, one of our staff part will be hit you up and will process your solicitation.

Still have any inquiries at the top of the priority list? Don’t hesitate to address our honor winning on the web client support at +1 209-920-7518
, or email us at  :
. We would be glad to help!